10 July 1940

Luftwaffe bombing of the Country from 06.15 until 02.14 the next day with South Wales, East Anglia, South East and South West England were targeted with 170 bombs dropped.

This resulted in 29 dead and 94 injured with the Luftwaffe losing 11 aircraft through operations and accidents with a further 14 damaged.

Do 17Z U5+FL of 3/KG2 crashed in the sea near Dungeness Roads buoy at 14.00 after losing a wing in collision with Flying Officer T.P.K Higgs of No 111 Squadron whilst attacking the 'Bread' convoy.  Hptmn W. Krieger (Staffelkapitan) and Oberfw W. Thalmann both rescued from the sea but Fw H. Osinsky and K Winkelmann both missing believed killed.

Bf 110C-2 3U+GS of 8/ZG26 shot down by Sub-Lieutenant F.D. Paul of 64 Squadron, 3 miles east of Folkestone Gate Light at 14.00 whilst escorting Dorniers of 1/KG2.  Oberfw W. Meyer was wounded and Gefr W. Rohde was missing believed killed.

11 July 1940

Luftwaffe dropped a total of 168 bombs between 06.00 and 03.33 on 12 July with 35 dead and 99 injured. They lost 17 aircraft during operations and through a landing accident as well as 8 damaged.   

He 111H G1+LK of 2/KG55 was shot down whilst attacking Portsmouth dockyard by Pilot Officers Lord R.U.P. Kay-Shuttleworth and E.C.J. Wakeham of 145 Squadron. The Heinkel would be the first Luftwaffe aircraft to crash on the mainland of the United Kingdom during the official dates of the Battle of Britain. It landed on the East Beach of Selsey at 18.15 with Oberlt S. Schweinhagen , Oberfw E. Slotosch and Fw H. Steiner captured, Oberfw H. Schluter died of his wounds and Uffz W. Muller was killed during the engagement, both men are buried in St Andrew's Churchyard at Tangmere. 

Bf 110C-2 2N+EP (3551) of 9/ZG76 shot down during combat over Portland at 12.10 by the combined efforts of Flying Officer D.C. MacCaw, Pilot Officer H.J. Mann, Sergeant C. Parksinson (238 Squadron) Squadron Leader J.S. Dewar (87 Squadron) and Flying Officer Riddle (601 Squadron). Aircraft landed at Grange Heath near Lulworth with Oberlt G. Kadow and Gefr H. Scholz captured. 

Bf  110C of 9/ZG76 possibly shot down by Squadron Leader J.S. Dewar (87 Squadron) during combat over Portland and crashed onto the cliffs at Verne. Both Oberlt H-J. Goring (nephew of Hermann Goring) and Uffz A. Zimmerman are missing believed killed. 

 Bf 110C of 9/ZG76 also shot down during combat over Portland at 12.05, probably by Flying Officer R.L. Glyde (87 Squadron) and Pilot Officer P. Chaloner Lindsey (601 Squadron). Aircraft crashed near the Ney Breakwater with Lt J. Schroder rescued by lifeboat 'William and Clara Ryland' but Gefr F. Sorokopot was missing believed killed. 

12 July 1940

Luftwaffe attacks began at 07.10 and completed by 00.37 the next day, mostly directed at shipping which resulted in 29 killed and 103 injured in Aberdeen. The Germans lost 9 aircraft and 4 damaged.

He 111 H-3 1H+FT of 9/KG26 was shot down by Yellow Section of 603 Squadron comprising Pilot Officers J.R. Caister, G.K. Gilroy and Sergeant I.K. Arber at 13.10 over Aberdeen. The aircraft crashed onto the skating rink in South Anderson Drive, Lt H. Huck, Gefr G. Kerkhoff, Uffz P. Plischke and Fw A. Skokan were all killed and buried in Dyce Old Churchyard.

He 111 H-2 A1+ES of 9/KG53 was shot down by Pilot Officer K. Manger and Sergeant G. Griffiths of 17 Squadron at 09.40 near Aldeburgh light whilst attacking 'Booty' convoy. Fw J. Bolte, Fw K. Hartmann were both captured but Uffz H. Zittwitz and Gefr H. Tonn were killed and Gefr E. Wagner was missing believed killed.

He 111 H-2 of 3/KG53 was shot down by Pilot Officer G.E. Pittmann and Sergeant D. Fopp of 17 Squadron whilst attacking 'Booty' convoy at 09.00 near Orfordness and Shipwash light vessel. Oberlt H. Von Brocke died shortly after being rescued, Uffz W. Weber and Fw P. Baumeister were both rescued with serious wounds but Fw B. Wlazlak was missing but believed killed.

He 111P G1+FA of KG55 engaged in an armed reconnaissance over Southampton Water and crashed landed next to the Horse and Jockey Inn at Hipley at 16.30.  It had been intercepted by B Flight of 43 Squadron consisting of Squadron Leader J.V.C. Badger, Flight Lieutenant T.F. Dalton-Morgan, Pilot Officers R.A. de Mancha, D.G. Gorrie, H.C. Upton and Sergeant C.A.H. Ayling.  Oberlt Walther Kleinhanns was killed and buried in St Ann's Hill Cemetery in Gosport, Oberfw F. Knecht, P. Muller, Fw H. Kalina and J. Mohn were all captured.

13 July 1940

Luftwaffe attacks began at 06.00 and ended by 03.30 the following day.  Shipping was the main target and in particular the 'Bread' convoy in the afternoon whilst crossing Lyme Bay, the Germans lost 6 aircraft and 10 damaged.  No civilians killed but 2 injured.

Do 17P 4U+DK of 2(F)/123 was shot down by Red Section of 238 Squadron comprising Flight Lieutenant J.C. Kennedy, Flying Officer C.T. Davis and Sergeant C. Parkinson at 15.00 near Chesil Beach whilst engaged on a photo-reconnaissance mission.  Oberlt M. Graf Kesselstatt was captured, Leutnant O. Weinbauer and Fw G. Peelen were both killed and buried at Cannock Chase.

14 July 1940

Luftwaffe bombing commenced on 23.05 on 13 July and finished by 01.32 on 15 July, no civilian deaths but two injured.  The main attacks took place between 09.00 and 18.00 on shipping in the Channel which resulted in 1 aircraft lost and 2 damaged.

The entry image is an address given by Prime Minister Winston Churchill.

Ju 87s from IV Gruppe of Lehrgeschwader 1 and escorted by Bf 109s from JG3 and JG51.  The commentary below in the images was provided by BBC commentator Charles Gardner on this attack.  The first Stuka described as being shot down was actually a Hurricane of 615 Squadron flown by Pilot Officer Michael Mudie. Tragically after he was rescued he died from his wounds the next day and buried in Esher Cemetery, see image of memorial.  His colleagues, Flying Officers Gaynor, Collard and Pilot Officer Hugo shot down one Stuka.

15 July 1940

Luftwaffe bombing commenced at 06.10 and finished by 01.27 the following day and limited by the bad weather.  Attacks concentrated on shipping in the English Channel and Thames Estuary on the 'Pilot' convoy which resulted in 4 dead and 21 injured.  The Luftwaffe lost the following aircraft.

He 111H-3 1H+EK of 2/KG26 was shot down whilst on a mission to attack airfields at 12.12 near Peterhead by Yellow Section of 603 Squadron consisting of Pilot Officers J.S. Morton and D. Stewart-Clark.  Obergefr Reinhardt was missing believed killed but Oberlt O. Hollmann, Uffz Walz, Obergefr H. Probst and Obergefr Trefzger were captured on 17 July on the beach of Frazerburgh.

16 July 1940

Luftwaffe bombing commenced at 16.07 and finished by 00.17 the following day which resulted in 25 civilian injuries.  Attacks were limited to South Ronaldsway, Portsoy, Fraserburgh, Peterhead and Auchtermuchty due to the bad weather.  Five German aircraft were lost and a further five damaged.

He 111H-3 1H+KT of 9/KG26 was shot down East of Fraserburgh at 16.12 by Red Section of 603 Squadron comprising of Flying Officer I.S. Ritchie, Pilot Officers J.S. Morton and D. Stewart-Clark.  Oberlt G. Lorenz, Uffz H. Beer were rescued by RAF launch, Uffz K. Liedtke and Gefr Heinbach were both missing believed killed.

Ju 88A B3+GP of 6/KG54 shot down over the Isle of Wight at 16.00 by Blue Section of 601 Squadron made up of Flying Officers W.H. Rhodes-Moorhouse, T.E. Hubbard and Pilot Officer T. Grier.  Fw R. Fortmann and Gefr H. Augustin were both captured but Obergefr H. Vetter and Gefr O. Marb were both killed.

17 July 1940

Ongoing bad weather hampered Luftwaffe operations and bombing commenced in Banstead at 11.55 and concluded in Bristol at 02.00 the next day.  This resulted in 7 dead and 28 injured, 3 German aircraft were lost and 1 damaged.

18 July 1940

Luftwaffe bombing started at  11.46 in Newport and finished at Norwich by 06.00 the following morning.  This resulted in 7 deaths, 33 injuries, water main and houses damaged in Penarth and the Norwich Civil Aero Clubhouse was burnt out.  The Germans lost 6 aircraft and a further 6 damaged.

19 July 1940

German bombing began at 06.06 at Norwich and 03.14 the following day at Peterhead which resulted in 4 dead and 78 injured.  Fierce air battles near Dover resulted in the decimation of 141 Squadron's Boulton Paul Defiants.  The Luftwaffe lost 5 aircraft and a further 5 damaged during operations over Kent, Cornwall, South Wales, Glasgow and Plymouth.  

Fw 200C F8+EH of 1/KG40 was shot down by anti-aircraft fire during a minelaying sortie between Hartlepool and Sunderland at 23.55.  Fw H. Kulken and Fw K. Nicolai were both captured, Fw W. Meyer's body was washed ashore and buried at Driffield, Hptmn R. Stesszyn, Gefr S. Zaunig and Gefr J. Perl were missing believed killed.

20 July 1940

Luftwaffe bombing commenced at 13.33 at Dover and continued throughout the afternoon and focused on the ''Bosom' convoy as it went through the Straits of Dover.  The Luftwaffe lost 12 aircraft and 6 damaged, including 2 He 59s of the Seenotflug-kommando.  The bombing concluded in Bristol at 03.16 on the following day, all attacks cost 7 civilian deaths and 12 injured.

Ju 88A-1 F6+BM of 4(F)/122 was shot down by Blue Section of 56 Squadron comprising Flight Lieutenant E.J. Gracie, Flying Officer P.S. Weaver and Pilot Officer A.G. Page at 05.50 whilst conducting a photo-reconnaissance mission.  The aircraft crashed at Cockett Wick Farm, St Osyth, Oberfw H-E. Prolsz, Uffz T. Hermsen, Obergefr W. Plock and Flgr R. Von Hase were all captured. 

21 July 1940

Luftwaffe bombing started at 23.30 and finished at 01.54 the next day, attacks resulted in 1 killed and 8 injured. German activity included reconnaissance of industrial targets in South West England and South Wales.  The ‘Peewit’ convoy came under heavy and continued attack which resulted in the loss of 11 German aircraft and 7 damaged.

Bf 110C (2177) 5F+CM of 4(F)/14 shot down by Red Section of 238 Squadron compromising Flight Lieutenant D.E. Turner, Flying Officer C.T. Davis and Pilot Officer J.S. Wigglesworth at 10.25. The aircraft crash landed at Goodwood Home Farm near Chichester.  Oberlt F-K. Runde and Fw W. Baden were both captured.

Do 17M 5F+OM of 4F/14 was shot down by A Flight of 238 Squadron at 15.00.  The aircraft landed in flames at Nutford Farm near Blandford, see image.  Obertlt G. Thiel, Fw F. Bohnen and Uffz A. Werner were all captured.

22 July 1940

German bombing commenced at 09.27 at Banff on a German Prisoner of War Camp which resulted in 6 Germans being killed and 1 British guard, 18 Germans and 18 British troops were injured.  The Luftwaffe raids finished at 04.27 on 23 July with the bombing of Swansea.  The Germans lost 4 aircraft and 3 damaged during the day.

Do 17P (3598) 7A+DM of 4(F)/121 was shot down by Blue Section of 145 Squadron comprising Flight Lieutenant A.H. Boyd, Flying Officer P.W. Dunning-White and Pilot Officer A.N.C. Weir at 07.40, South of Selsey.  Lt E. Reichardt and Fw R. Rowe were both missing believed killed, Lt G. Bormann was rescued by a British MTB.

23 July 1940

Luftwaffe attacked three main areas of Britain, Kent and Sussex between 08.38 and 09.55, Norfolk and particularly RAF Pulham which received a severe attack at 16.48 and Scotland between 00.00 and 02.00.  The 'Pilot' convoy was attacked with the result of 5 German aircraft lost and 4 damaged during the day.

24 July 1940

Luftwaffe attacks concentrated on convoys, Weybridge/Walton-on-Thames and Hillington Estate in Glasgow between 15.15 and 18.20, resulting in 4 injuries.  The convoys saw the most action with 15 German aircraft lost and 3 damaged during operations over the Thames Estuary and Dover Straits.

 Bf 109E-1 (6296) <I+I of Stab III/JG26 was shot down at 13.00 and force landed at Northdown near Margate.  Oberlt W. Bartels captured but seriously wounded.

Bf 109E-4 of 8/JG26 shot down at 13.05 and the aircraft crashed into Byron Avenue, Margate, see image.  Lt J. Schauff bailed out but his parachute didn't open and died, buried in Manston Road Cemetery in Margate.

Fw 200C F8+BH of 1/KG40 crashed into the Sea, North East of Belfast at 03.40.  The aircraft was engaged in minelaying in Belfast Lough but engine failure brought them down.  Hptm V. Zenker, Uffz H.O. Hocker and Gefr L. Hohmann were rescued but Fw W. Andreas and Uffz R. Wagner were both missing believed killed.

Ju 88A L1+DL was shot down by Red Section of 92 Squadron comprising of Flight Lieutenants C.B.F. Kingcombe, J.A. Paterson, Pilot Officer J.S. Bryson and Pilot Officer of R.P. Beaumont of 87 Squadron at 07.40.  The aircraft crashed in flames on Martinhoe Common, Lynton.  Hptmn D. Von Maltitz, Fw G. Pliefke and Fw P. Weilmaier were all captured but Fw W. Wachholz was killed when he bailed out too low.

25 July 1940

Luftwaffe attacks started at 12.20 and finished by 23.45, which concentrated on convoys, resulting in 1 person injured.  Stukas were deployed with considerable fighter cover against ships in convoys travelling through the Dover Straits.  German losses amounted to 19 aircraft and 6 damaged.

He 111H-3 T5+AL of Wettererkundungsstaffel was shot down by Flying Officer D.A.E. Jones and Pilot Officer J. Lonsdale of 3 Squadron at 08.30.  The aircraft crashed into the Sea near Pentland Firth, Gefr P. Muller's body was recovered from the Sea on 1 August 1940 and buried at Kirkwall in the Orkneys.  Uffz A. Bauch, Uffz R. Freitag and Uffz E. Loch were missing believed killed.  Reg Rat E. Franken was rescued by the Royal Navy off Rora Head.

Bf 109E 6+1 of 8/JG52 was shot down at 18.40 at Elvington Court near Deal and Uffz M. Reiss was captured.

Ju88A 9K+GN of 5/KG51 collided with a Miles Master of 5 FTS at 14.25 and crashed at Lower Weir Farm, Oakridge Lynch near Chalfont, see image.  The bomber had been briefed to attack the Gloster Factory at Hucclecot.  Sergeant G.H. Bell was on approach to South Cerney aerodrome.  Uffz F. Dorner,  Uffz W. Hugelschafer and Gefr G. Treue baled out and  were captured.  Uffz W. Theiner also baled out but his parachute didn't open and died.

Do 17M A5+EA of Stab StG 1 was shot down by 152 Squadron comprising of Flight Lieutenant E.C. Deanesley, Pilot Officers R.M. Hogg, F.H. Holmes and Sergeant R. Wolton at 11.15 whilst engaged on a photo-reconnaissance mission.  The aircraft crashed at East Fleet Farm near Fleet with Fw B. Erdmann and Fw E. Grossmann were captured but Uffz K. Lingenbrink was killed.

26 July 1940

The Luftwaffe bombing was conducted during both the day and night concentrating on North East London, Weymouth, Bristol and East Coast of Scotland which resulted in 2 killed and 17 injured.  The Germans lost 5 aircraft and 5 damaged.

He 111H-4 5J+AH of 1/KG4 shot down at 00.55 whilst engaged in minelaying over the Bristol Channel by Pilot Officer J.R. Cock of 87 Squadron.  The aircraft crashed at Longfield Farm, Smeatharpe, Oberfw H. Kessler, Uffz W. Sommer, Uffz G. Hahnel and Uffz H. Grabke were all killed.  Uffz G. Strickstrock baled out and landed at Middle Luxton Farm and captured.

27 July 1940

Luftwaffe attacks concentrated on Dover at 14.35, 17.55 and 18.47, which resulted in the loss of two escort destroyers and withdrawal of the Dover Flotilla whilst protecting the 'Bacon' convoy.  Four German aircraft were lost and 6 damaged during the day.

28 July 1940

Luftwaffe engaged on daylight reconnaissance across the whole of the UK with night time bombing starting at 21.50 and ended at 03.14 the next day, which resulted in 4 dead and 9 injured.  The Germans lost 11 aircraft and 4 damaged during the day.

Ju 88A-1 (7036) 9K+HL of 3/KG51,taking off from Melun-Villaroche, was on a bombing mission to target Crewe but got lost and force landed at Buckholt Farm near Bexhill at 05.00.  Lt W. Ruckdeschel, Oberfw J. Bier, Uffz H. Ohls and Uffz M. Multhammer were all captured.  As the image shows the aircraft was undamaged and became part of the Enemy Aircraft Flight at Duxford as AX919. 

29 July 1940

Dover came under sustained attack from the Luftwaffe from 07.30 which was met with anti-aircraft gun fire and RAF fighters, the image shows smoke rising up from the Channel Port.  The Germans also targeted a convoy off Harwich and Portland which resulted in HMS Delight being sunk by dive bombers.  The Luftwaffe lost 12 aircraft and 2 damaged, 12 civilians died and 29 injured.

He 111P G1+CS of 8/KG55 was attempting to bomb the Bristol Aircraft Factory at Filton but shot down by anti-aircraft fire and crashed at Fullers Lane, East Woodhay near Newbury at 02.00.  Fw T. Metzner, Uffz K. Backer, Gefr H. Morgenthal, Gefr E. Ostheimer and Fw J. Markl all baled out and eventually captured.

30 July 1940

Luftwaffe attacks were hampered by bad weather which resulted in machine gun attacks on civilians in Richmond Park and Balham.  Bombing started at 22.12 and finished at 01.55 the next day which resulted in 1 injury, the Germans lost 9 aircraft and 3 damaged.

Ju 88A F6+BK of 2(F)/122 suffered engine failure during a reconaissance of shipping on the East Coast and ditched into the Sea at 09.00 near Happisburgh, Norfolk.  Lt H-J. Rabbow, Uffz J. Kehres, Uffz G. Lemm and Gefr R. Reimer took to their dinghy and were rescued by a British fishing boat on 3 August.

Ju88-A1 (4102) 5J+ER caught fire and exploded whilst crash landing at Great Barton near Bury St Edmunds at 00.15.  Uffz W. Bohlke, Uffz F. Krause, Obergefr J. Berlage and Gefr B. Glaser were all killed and buried at Soldatenfriedhof at Cannock Chase.

31 July 1940

Luftwaffe operations were largely of a reconnaissance nature but night bombing started at 23.30 and completed by 02.02 on 1 August, no deaths or injuries recorded.  There were dog fights over the Channel which resulted in 6 German aircraft damaged and 2 damaged.  Bomber Command destroyed a Ju 88A during a bombing attack on Aalborg airfield.